Rod Info


The new Black Cat Rod is an edition we designed with the help  of Vince Rogers to play into the fast action of fishing he does.  With a medium fast tip action and heavy power it is a great all round rod. With the tip on this blank, you can fish for channel cats and it has the backbone for big blues and flatheads. At 7’6″ it is a great boat rod and works well for bank fishermen as well. Price is $150.00 plus shipping. Here is a link to a load test on this rod on You tube



Pro Drift Series  This is the ultimate hand rod for drifting catfish. If you back bounce while drifting the Pro Drift Series is the best rod made for what you do. The most sensitive, strongest, bouncing rod made anywhere. These are not carbon junk or cheap graphite. These rods are made of the highest quality graphite on the market and are not a wimpy bass or musky rod converted to catfishing. The Pro Drift rod  is made for catfish, big catfish, and can be used to drift or anchor fishing, but is built to hold in your hand while drifting. NOTHING COMPAIRES, NOTHING!!! If you don’t think these are the best on the market, contact Russ Devore, Jason or Vicky Mathenia, Jason Jackson, Tony Hunt, Doc Lang, Chris Wallace, Justin Wolfe, Bill Parfit, Josh Mayes, Cindy Stokes or a host of other tournament fishermen that are currently using these rods. Prices Start at $225.00

Listed Below are the specs for the Catfishing rods we build as a standard, they are reference rods and can be made to order in the colors you want and grips and reel seats to match


Channel Cat rod, 1/2 to 3 oz. recommended weight with an extra fast action. This blank is good for channel cat fishing and small blues and flathead in ponds and small creeks and rivers. This blank come in lenghts from 6 to 8 foot. Prices start at $150.00

Channel Cat and Blue Cat, 1 to 4 oz. recommended weight with a fast action. This blank is the perfect blank for fishing for channels and small blues and flatheads yet strong enough to get in the big guys if you get into them. Very sensitive tip action and works great in creeks and small rivers with moderate current. These rods come in lenghts from 6 to 8 foot Prices start at $150.00


Channel Cat/Blue Cat/ Flatheads rod is the standard for most cat fishing 1 to 6 oz weight recommended although I have guys using 24 oz plus and a half skippy for bait with these (not recommended) Med Heavy action. The tip action on these rods can pick up on the slightest bite and handle the slamming of big blues and flatheads. I have clients that have caught blues in excess of 80 pounds on these rods and are still going. These are great rods for drifting or still fishing and can take the abuse of tournament guys in extreme conditions. These rods come in lengths form 6′ to 8 foot. This is the #1 selling blank we offer. Prices start at $160.00



Blue Cat/Flathead rod is a heavy action rod build with “BIG CAT” guys in mind. 2 to 8 oz recommended weight, heavy action and backbone thru the entire blank. Although we catch small channel cat on these rods they are best suited for big blues and flathead in the rivers and lakes. They are great drifting rods and don’t bounce around in current. This is trophy grade fishing rods with the pro in mind. These blanks come in 7′, 7.6′, 8′. Prices start at $170.00


Big River and lakes, extreme condition rod for fishing heavy current and timber. These are the blanks that we build the 8′ “Stinger ‘s” on for Ricky Bracken. Made for big fish and big baits, these are BAD TO THE BONE! Xheavy action to drag those big flathead’s from under the brush or the HUGE blues below the dams on the rivers. 2 to 10 rated weight, and these are SUPER drift rods when the big guys come out to play. Prices start at $180.00


THE STUD This is a new development rod and not for the faint at heart! When anchored I have caught 2 and 3 pound channel cat, but if you are in heavy current or timber, that is where it works the very best. It will handle what ever the river has to offer, put the best reel you can get and 100# braid and let the big dog eat! This blank has an unrated line class and 4 to 16 oz weight. At present this is a Blackhorse ONLY rod. Clients have caught 200+ pound  fish on these rods with NO problems. A great selection for extreme current conditions and made for heavy use. Prices start at $200.00

Twisted Cat Edition

The Twisted Cat Edition rod is a spiral wrapped rod in which the guides start out on the top and spiral around the blank to end up on the bottom like a spinning rod. the advantages to this is NO twist back and forth with a large fish being caught. There is debates about cast distance on these rods. Some say they cast no farther than conventional built rods, in our test using the same reels the Twisted Cat rods cast 10 to 15 percent farther. This is Blackhorse test ONLY.

Blackhorse Tournament Series

The Blackhorse tournament series rods are built on blanks from the 15/30 to the 40/60 blanks and come with any color cord wrap front and rear grips, graphite trigger reel seat or aluminum or graphite non trigger reel seats, stainless guides and tip. and a decal of your choice along with the Blackhorse decal. Prices start at $189.00

These are not tonage rated, tangled up or nation rods or any kind of production rods, These are Custom Rods built one at a time to perform to best possible way in true fishing environment. If your rod does not perform perform as describes, we will repair or replace it  free except for shipping.